Tavarius Inomine Septimus

The Roman out of Time


Real Name: Tavarius Inomine Septimus
Occupation: Professional Soldier / College Student
Legal Status: Naturalized citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Identity: Public
Known Aliases: Tavi, Spartan
Place of Birth: Thraece, 5th Century Roman Empire
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marcus Valarian Septimus (adopted father)
Group Affiliation: The Quanico National Museum of History, US Marine Corp, Cinnaminson Community College
Base of Operations: Cinnaminson, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Race: Human
Known Languages: Latin/Greek (idiomatic; literate), English (completely fluent; literate), Britonian (fluent), Ancient Germanic (fluent), Ancient Arabic (fluent; literate), Ancient Persian (fluent; literate)
Age: 25 yrs. (Actual Age: 2025 yrs. old)
Height: 6’ (182.88 cm)
Weight: 220 Lb. (99.66 kg)
Eyes: Sky Blue Grey
Hair: Auburn
Abilities/Weapons: Professional Soldier (US Marines), Trained Marksman, Expert Swordsman (Carthenian Style Sword & Shield), Expert Legionaire, Trained Lancer, Trained Wrestler (Legion Style), Trained Martial Artist (USMC Close Quarters Combat), Centurion’s Shield & Gladius, Ekol Firat Magnum.
1. Watched (US Goverment)
2. Psychological Limitation: Code of Honor
3. Distinctive Features: Tattoos/Brands/Scars (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
4. Reputation: USMC
5. Quirk: Trouble adjusting to modern civilian life
6. Hunted: Ann Forincini (Non-Combat, Observed\Confront on social actions)
7. Hatred: World Wrestling Entertainment
8. Quirk: No personal modesty
9. Physical Limitation: Thousand Yard Stare
10. Subject to Orders (Must obey, Harshly punished)


Background Story

Orphaned at the age of 6 when his family’s home was attacked and his family killed by raiders, he was rescued by a company of the 9th Roman Legion led by Captain Marcus Valarian Septimus. He was found under the body of one of the raiders who he had managed to kill with a hunting knife. Taken by Marcus when the legion moved on, Tavarius was soon meshed into the legion lifestyle with Marcus as his adopted father and the legion soldiers his uncles. He benefited from the tutors and scholars his adopted father hired, learning to read and write many of the roman empires languages as well as tactics and philosophy and history but took every opportunity to learn from his “uncles” in the camp, earning severe disapproval from his tutors but only a smile from his father who knew that somethings you never learn from scrolls or books.
By his 18th birthday, Tavi was already a Centurion in the Roman Legions. His adopted father, now a general, took great pride in Tavi, so much so that he named him as his legal heir. This brought Tavi to the attention of various nobles who saw the young man as an easy way to lay claim to the Septimus family wealth. One such noble, Lady Carrisa of Troy, who was also an enchantress of no small skill, tried to seduce Tavi but unfortunately, while a good tactician, Tavi lacked the social tact to rebuff the Lady, who was much older than him, without giving offense, bluntly telling her that she was much too old for him to even consider taking her as a lover. Outraged and furious, she cursed Tavi, turning him into a bronze statue with the intention of teaching him a lesson in humility. In her fury, she forgot about the ramifications of her actions and soon had to flee or face Imperial justice for using forbidden magicks, leaving Tavarius trapped as a statue.
Hundreds upon hundreds of years later, we find Jill Savros, a young mage and assistant curator at The National Museum of History in Quanico, checking in the newest Roman artifacts. She comes across a bronze statue that tingles to her mage touch. Thinking she might have a fake on her hands, she called on her teacher, an older man by the name of Kenith Mitchals, to take a look at it. After confirming that the statue was indeed enchanted by some kind of glamour, it was decided by the curator of the museum to have the enchantment removed to verify wether or not the museum had been duped, after all, it was supposed to be a 2000 year old bronze statue, not some cheap knock off. So it was that they set out to have the statue dispelled, thinking they had just had their museum robbed or conned out of a very expensive peice of history. This being one of the few remaining intact statues of the period, they braced themselves for disappointment only to be shocked then amazed as the statue before them turned form a Bronze Replica Centurion at Arms to an actual living Centurion at Arms!
2 years later we find Tavarius adjusting poorly to his new life. Not so much for being out of his own time (he rather liked the 21st century even if he still found some things perplexing) but from a sense of having nowhere to belong. He missed his old life in the Legion. Even with all the wonders of the modern age, he could not shake the feeling. Later that day in the museum, we find Tavi looking glum until Old Carlos, the Custodian, asks him whats bugging him. Explaining his feelings of his wish to once again have brothers, Carlos gives Tavi the best advice he can. " Well, if its brothers you want, why not join the Marines? They have the same motto your boys in the Legion did." He snaps a quick salute. " Simper Fi."
5 years later, we find newly promoted Captain Septimus about to face his most dreaded and feared enemy; the military psyche review board, headed by that she-devil of a psychiatrist, Ann Forincini, the woman who constantly tells him that there is more to life than just the military. After 3 years of managing to stave off her “recommendations,” he is about to find out that the “Evil One” has finally managed to go over his commander’s head and get orders that will change his life forever.
" One year?!" Tavi cried. " What will happen to my unit, Sir?"
" Your men will be fine, Captain. I did my best for you. The review board wanted 3 years, but I managed to convince them against that. I know how you feel, but I did warn you that you needed to get some time off base. To use some of that built up leave that you have." The Commander hesitated. " I’m afraid there’s more bad news. In addition to this forced leave being taken off base, you must also get a civilian job for the duration and you will also have to report to Miss Forincini, who will be overseeing your case."
" But, Sir! That woman is against me, Sir!"
" None of that, Marine! You have your orders!"
Bracing to attention, Tavi saluted sharply, " Sir! Yes, Sir!"
The Commander returned the salute then puts a fatherly hand on Tavi’s shoulder. " Its not as bad as its seems, son. Miss Forincini genuinely cares about your well being. Treat this as long term Covert Op; insertion into a native population. You will be fine. Get this done, complete your mission and you can come home, where you belong. You can do this, Captain. I have full confidence in you."
" I won’t let you down, Sir." Tavarius said with a smile as he set out to complete his new mission.

Tavarius Inomine Septimus

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