Laila Lilith Isilosse

A spirit monk in training


Real Name: Laila Lilith Isilosse
Occupation: College Student
Legal Status: Eldritch citizen of Jade-Realm and naturalized citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record
Identity: Public on Jade-Realm, semi-public on Earth-Realm
Known Aliases: Lilly, Flower, Ms. Moonblossom
Place of Birth: Heart and Mind Monastery, Jade-Realm
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Reina Jehma Isilosse (mother), Kelith Gawyn Isilosse (father), Jamahl Torbahl (guardian)
Group Affiliation: Spirit Monks of Heart and Mind Monastery, Jade-Realm
Base of Operations: Cinnaminson, New Jersey, U.S.A. – Earth-Realm
Race: Eldritch Forest Elves of Jade-Realm
Known Languages: Eldritch (idiomatic; literate), Mutual Ribbon/English/Common (completely fluent; literate), Ribbon (literate), Trolvic (basic conversation)
Age: 135 yrs. (Physically 18 yrs. old)
Height: 5’ 3" (160 cm)
Weight: 90 lb. (40.82 kg)
Eyes: Sapphire & Cobalt Blue
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Abilities/Weapons: Spirit Monk Kung Fu Adept (ineffective against soulless beings), Enhanced Resistance vs Negative Energy, Enchantment Magic Empathy, Trained Martial Artist, Trained Acrobat, Trainee Spirit Guide


Quick Rundown
Forest Elf. Apprentice Spirit Monk. First born daughter and advanced pupil of Reina Isilosse, Eldritch Grand Master of Spirit Monk Kung Fu and Leader of the Heart and Mind Monastery. Tries to follow her mother’s footsteps. Seeks to perfect her art, test the limits of her ability and eventually complete her training to become a full fledged Spirit Monk. “The answer lies within the heart of battle.” The Monastery Motto and her go to mantra for steeling herself. Unable to turn down a direct challenge. Lives by her and her mothers’ Code of Honor. Always keeps her word. Never fights dirty. Cursed to take the form of a cat after making contact with cold water. Reverts to Eldritch after making contact with warm/hot water.

As a Spirit Monk, your presence must exist in the astral, material and ethereal all at once. To exist in all states allows a Spirit Monk to guide wayward spirits through unseen dangers to their final rest. Quests must be undertaken and completed before one is able to utilize the various Spirit Abilities: Voice, Ear and Vision. To know all 3 is to attain Spiritual Mastery. The Spirit Abilities are primarily employed among the Spirit Monks to converse with ethereal and astral beings but they also allow communication with living beings whose hearts are open enough to the Monk speaking with them.
“Spirit Words can only be heard by the living when the heart is ready to listen, when the heart has been well tried and has grown strong and mature. When it understands life and death, nature and spirit, yet still retains the ability to love.” – Tsunami Brigand, Grand Master Spirit Monk
Within Nature and Spirit, there is Harmony. Each is only half of the whole. Together, the 2 complete each other. – Early Spirit Monk Teaching
Spirit Monks, while honing their minds and bodies, also strive to master their particular variety of kung fu. Though it is quite powerful in its own right, its bonuses are rendered ineffective against soulless beings such as zombies, vampires, various other undead creatures and inanimate objects. The counter point to this is that with mastery of Spirit Monk kung fu comes gradual immunity to negative energy. This means that ghosts, undead, spirits and the like must parley with a Spirit Monk since they cannot harm one, which is the ideal situation for a spirit guide.
Remember always these tenants:
In all things, there must be Balance.
Form before Strength.
Anger gives motivation without purpose.
Doubt is the greatest enemy.
Fear is the first of many foes.
Master yourself, master the enemy.
Do not let your pride blind you.
The focused mind can pierce through stone.
A true master is an eternal student.
Hunted: Unknown Assassin (More Powerful, Harshly Punish)
Psychological Limitation: Code of Honor (Common, Total) – Treat Those Deserving of Honor with Honor, Honor in Battle (no attacks on an unaware foe, no using missile weapons, treat a vanquished foe mercifully), Protect The Weak And The Defenseless, Never Break Your Word
Psychological Limitation: Cannot Turn Down A Challenge (Common, Strong)
Physical Limitation: Cursed (Frequently, Greatly) – Takes the form of a cat after making contact with cold water. Reverts to eldritch after making contact with warm/hot water.
Distinctive Features: Eldritch Appearance (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
Unluck: 1d6
Background Story
The Heart and Mind Monastery. One of many hidden homes of the elusive Spirit Monks of Jade-Realm. This was the birth-place of Laila, first daughter of Reina (a Spirit Monk and leader of the monastery) and Kelith (a trained aura mage and expert aura blade user in the employ of the elven royal court as one of a plethora of guards). Life at the monastery was all she knew and she was content. From the age at which she was able to understand the difference between right and wrong, Laila had longed to follow the example provided by her mother and become a spirit monk, to which Reina agreed once she was satisfied that her daughter was prepared, both physically and mentally. Laila began her training and over the course of many years, she attacked every task given to her with fervor and passion, be it training on maintaining spiritual balance, lessons on the history of Jade-Realm or the teachings of the Elder Spirit Monks before her. But her soul shone brightest when she was learning the Arts of Spirit Monk Kung-Fu.
After years of training to strengthen her mind as well as her body and spirit, Reina decided that Laila and she should journey to a legendary Earth-Realm training ground: The Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo. While sparring one morning, Reina miscalculated a step and was hit with a kick that she would have normally evaded. As a result, she fell from the bamboo training struts and into one of the many cursed springs. When she emerged, she looked up in time to see Laila distracted by the sight of her below, transformed into a male version of herself (albeit a very beautiful male). When Reina called out to her daughter, the sudden sound of her name being called by a man’s voice startled Laila off of her perch atop the bamboo struts and into a different cursed spring. After a few seconds of splashing about, Reina crawled over to find that Laila had transformed into a cat with the same clear blue eyes and the same color coat as her sandy blonde hair. The caretaker of the Jusenkyo training grounds explained to them that there is no known permanent cure and that they would have to live with their curses as best they could.
7 years after returning to the monastery and learning to cope with their unfortunate circumstances, Reina was visited by a former adventuring comrade of hers. The pleasantries of their long awaited reunion were cut short when the reason for his arrival was made known. He’d traveled long and hard to bring word that members of their old adventuring party we’re being killed, assassinated one by one. The news, while dire in and of itself, did not shock Reina, she knew this day had been approaching.
So long as I draw breath, I shall lay waste to all you hold dear.
The words echoed at the back of her mind in remembrance. Remembrance of words spoken not so much as a threat, but as a promise. Reina knew the threat was real and began conferring with her mysterious ally in private. After hours of deliberation, she decided that, for her safety, her daughter needed to know the truth. She sat Laila down in her quarters and explained that she and everyone she knew and loved was in mortal danger from a foe she and her former companions had long ago defeated durring their days as adventurers, that it would be nearly impossible to confront him and guarantee her safety, even within the secret, secluded locale of the Monastery and that the only way she could be relatively sure of her safety was if she was not on Jade-Realm.
Only then did the realization of what her mother was saying hit her; she was being sent away, to a different realm, for protection. Was this enemy so powerful that a monastery filled with experienced, veteran Spirit Monks offered no safety or was she merely being an overprotective parent? These and many other questions arose for Laila but all were inconsequential, she would obey her mothers’ wishes without argument. She was to be transported to Earth-Realm via a Dimension-Gate spell cast by Reina’s old friend at noon, day after next. Time enough to have Laila gather her belongings, to inform Reina’s allies on Earth-Realm of her daughter’s impending arrival and to secure adequate accomodations and funds before said arrival. Minutes before Laila’s departure, Reina pulled her aside and told her she wanted her to take something with her. She undid the clasp of her necklace and redid it around Laila’s neck.
“This memento was once your Great Grandmother’s. She gave it to your Grandmother and your Grandmother gave it to me. Now, I continue the tradition and tell you what she told me when she passed it on. ‘Luck is a crossroad where preparation and opportunity meet. Trust your heart and embrace the journey. You may make a wrong turn, but your heart will get you back on the right path. Just keep making choices and don’t second guess yourself.’” Cupping Laila’s face within her slender hands, Reina looked upon her daughter’s features, memorizing every detail.
“My blood-kin. My beloved child. My precious daughter. No matter what the future may hold for you, know that your father and I love you more than anything in this world.” With a final kiss upon her daughters’ forehead and a whispered ‘Safe journey.’, Reina stepped back and watched as Laila looked once more at the great stone monastery then stepped through the Dimension-Gate and into a new world.
On the other side, Laila emerged on a field of grass in the dark of night, the Gate whispered close behind her. She was on Earth-Realm, a world apart from Jade-Realm. As the last vestiges of the Dimension-Gate spell dispersed, Laila found herself alone, save for the wind blowing through the night.
“Greetings, child.”, came a gravelly voice from behind, withered with age. Laila spun and was greeted with a vision of an elderly man dressed in robes similar to those worn by the Elder Spirit Monks back at the monastery on Jade-Realm. She bowed formally in greeting, hands pressed together and was met with a warm smile when she rose.
“I am Elder Torbahl. You may call me Jamahl. I have been expecting you. Welcome to New Jersey. Let’s get you settled in and out of this dampness, shall we?” He began walking with his hands clasped behind his back and Laila scuttled to catch up. New Jersey. So this is where she was to begin her new life. She tentatively touched at the round little symbol at her throat attached to the necklace. Luck… Trust your heart and embrace the journey.
“Dear Spirits, please watch over Mother and everyone.” she whispered in quiet prayer as she followed Elder Jamahl into the darkness towards the unknown.

Laila Lilith Isilosse

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