Cassandra Marie Hayse

A were-rabbit assassin who loves music


Real Name: Cassandra Marie Hayse
Occupation: College Student
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Identity: Public
Known Aliases: Cass, Cassie
Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Cathrine-Marie Hayse (mother), Marcus Randal Hayse III (father), Marcus Randal Hayse II (grandfather)
Group Affiliation: Bennson & Trask Technologies Ltd.
Base of Operations: Cinnaminson, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Race: Human
Known Languages: English (idiomatic; literate), Sign Language (basic conversation), Cantonese (basic conversation; semi-literate)
Age: 19 yrs.
Height: Human Form – 5’ 5" (165.1 cm) / Hybrid Form – 5’ 9" (175.3 cm)
Weight: Human Form – 115 lb. (52.16 kg) / Hybrid Form – 218 lb. (98.88 kg)
Eyes: Jade Green
Hair: Cherry Red
Abilities/Weapons: Were-lapin abilities, Nightclaw Ninja Adept, Novice Martial Artist (Aikido Bone Karate), Trained Swordswoman (Katanas), Novice Marksman (Kunai & Shuriken), Novice Ninjutsu User, Ambidexterity, Tech Empathy, B.T. Tech Ltd S990 “Sylphones” (Hightech Headset/MP3player/Holoforce Netvisor), Tatsumasa, The Dragon’s Fang (Ancient Katana), Assortment of Kunai, Caltrops, Shuriken & Smokebombs


Long ago, in a lush, secluded location on Jade-Realm lived the werelapin of the Nightclaw Ninja. The Nightclaw were a very prosperous people that coexisted in peace with their surrounding neighbors. That is, almost all their neighbors. Long have the Nightclaw Ninja warred with the Mistblade Shinobi, a heated clan rivalry spanning generations. Innumerable lives have been lost due to their blood feud that showed no signs of ending.
Within the Nightclaw village, Marcus the 3rd and Cathrine-Marie are on their way to achieving 2 of their life goals: marrying one another and starting a family of their own. Cathrine revealing being months into her pregnancy shortly before they became newlyweds was not a factor in their decision to marry. As a wedding gift, the entire Hayse family decided to fund their month long honeymoon getaway to The Iron Scale Inn, near the northern end of Savataka. Not having much choice in the matter, they accepted the gift and shortly after made the trip to the expensive but popular hostel.
After a month of uninterrupted marital bliss, Marcus and Cathrine make their way back home to the village of the Nightclaw. But as they crest a hill some ways away, they both see the dark plumes of smoke billowing up into the distant sky. The dread they feel mounts as they look at each other, heartbeats quickening. As they approach, they both halt abruptly as they come to see that the entire village has been devastated, the bodies of their clan-mates still and broken everywhere. People of all ages lie slain in the streets. Not even the children were spared. No house has been left undamaged, food stores have been scattered to the dirt, everything that can burn has been set aflame. Not a single body stirs. Blood splatters cover most every surface. Cathrine, overcome with grief at such a profound loss, falls to her knees clutching the earth, tears staining her lightly freckled cheeks. Marcus, still standing beside her is unable to tear his eyes from the grizzly scene of carnage. He visibly trembles with the rage and searing agony, his fists clenched at his sides as he cries silently, mourning for his people.
After what feels like an eternity, Marcus helps Cathrine to her feet and then decides to check whats left of their abode for possible family survivors. Like every other home, it too is awash in flame. Hope that they might find any survivors begins to dwindle. They decide that they will look in the backyard and then leave all of this madness behind them. As they enter, the tableau is enough to take their breath away. Here is where the Hayses decided to stand and fight. Bodies lay scattered everywhere. Some are enemies. Most are family members. They try not to see the children. Scrutinizing the remains of some of the fallen reveals that, just as they suspected, their village was set upon by the Mistblades, but not solely by them as some of the bodies belong to non-werelapin. As they are about to examine the other bodies closer, a low, almost inaudible groan causes them to turn toward its origin in unison.
There, sitting in his hybrid form with his back against the sakura tree in the center of the yard, covered in blood and surrounded by the corpses of his enemies while still clutching his katana, the ancestral blade Tatsumasa, is Marcus’ father.
“Father!” Marcus yells as he dashes to him, Cathrine hot on his heels. He falls to his knees in the blood soaked dirt as he rests a hand lightly on his Father’s shoulder.
“M-Marcus…?” He replies groggily, “Is that you, my boy?” He tries to lift his chin from his chest, but finds that he just does not have the strength to achieve it. Now that he is closer, Marcus can see the full extent of his father’s grievous wounds. The worst of which is a gruesome vertical gash over his right eye. Were it not for the regenerative properties of their hybrid forms, he would surely have died from massive blood loss and trauma by now. “Ahh, Marcus,” he coughed wetly as he opened his left eye and looked at his son, “I’m glad… I could see you once more.” His eye slowly began to close.
“No!” Marcus cried as he shook his father. “Wake up, old man. Wake up! You can’t die yet!” After a few coughs, his father takes as deep a breath as he can and releases it slowly before reopening his good eye.
“You are… 100 years… too early… to be giving me… orders, boy.” Through the obvious pain he is enduring, Marcus’ father manages a grin. “Give me… a hand. Don’t think I… can stand… on my own.” Cathrine and Marcus each take an arm and drape it over themselves as they support his weight before they begin to slowly shamble back the way they came. “Jade-Realm is… no longer safe for us… What’s left of us… We must leave… To survive.” He seemed to have run out of breath after speaking so many words.
Following his directions, they carried him to a hidden location he had set up years ago as an emergency hide away. Once there, they were able to dress his wounds and speed his recovery with the well stocked supplies. A month later, after he has fully recovered, he reveals to his son and daughter-in-law his plan to whisk them away to Earth-Realm, that they might preserve what remains of the Nightclaw Ninja. Calling in many of the favors owed him, he secured the services of a mage that would get his family to Earth-Realm and provide them with accommodations and identification that they could start their new lives.
3 months later, Cassandra Hayse came into the world, the 1st Earth-born werelapin. Raised in New York and sheltered in her youth by her parents, she was quite the introvert. But on her 13th birthday, her grandfather, Marcus Randal Hayse the 2nd, who unbeknownst to her was a master of assassination, a trained martial artist and a high ranking agent within the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, began taking her to remote locations around the world each weekend and during the summer, teaching her self defense and the way of the Nightclaw Ninja. More specifically, accuracy in the use of kunai and shuriken, quick and painful strikes to an opponents vitals and limbs to incapacitate and cause maximum damage, precision and swiftness for deadly offense with any blade and body conditioning to hone her awareness and movement skills. In addition to this training, he also taught her how to shift between her human and hybrid form and its benefits.
6 years pass. Upon accepting a huge promotion to partner at his company of employ, Bennson & Trask Technologies Ltd, Cassandra’s father, Marcus Randal Hayse the 3rd, decided to move his entire family to live in New Jersey, company HQ. Her mother, Cathrine-Marie Hayse, who produces and markets her own fashion line, supported the move feeling that Cassandra would benefit from the change of location and perhaps make some new friends. To that end, she also enrolls her into the local community college.
Generally shy and reticent, Cassandra is quiet and keeps to herself but when she gets to know someone she becomes more open and friendly towards them. She has a passion for technology and cooking and while the fare she prepares may not be gourmet level (mostly American style meals), they are quite tasty as she has learned her particular recipes to perfection. While she is a bookworm, a gamer and is almost always listening to music, she is quite aware of everything going on around her.
Because she hardly ever removes her State-of-the-Art combination headphones/mp3 player/holoforce netvisor (even during combat training) which were gifted to her by Henry Bennson and Antonio Trask (the heads of B.T. Tech Ltd), she has mastered Lip Reading and Body Language and can easily stay abreast of a conversation without hearing people speak (so long as she can see their mouths). If anyone attempts to touch, remove or damage her “Sylphones”, she reacts with unrestrained aggression and open hostility, attempting to put down the perpetrator with extreme prejudice. And while she may have a firm grasp on how to shift between her human and hybrid forms, she does not know exactly what she is nor her full capabilities.

Cassandra Marie Hayse

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