Ashley Diddlesworth Poindexter

A seemingly normal guy?


Real Name: Ashley Diddlesworth Poindexter
Occupation: College Student / Pizza Delivery / Convienence Store Clerk
Legal Status: United States citizen with no criminal record
Identity: Public
Known Aliases: None (that are flattering)
Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Madeline Williams-Poindexter (mother), Reginald Lexington Poindexter (father), 6 Older Brothers (Vincent, Henry, Beaufort, Tony, Christopher & Michael), 2 Younger Sisters (Angelina & Jennifer)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: None
Race: Human
Known Languages: English (idiomatic; literate), French (basic conversation)
Age: 22 yrs.
Height: 6’ 6" (198.12 cm)
Weight: 170 lb. (77.11 kg)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Autumn Brown
Abilities/Weapons: Advanced Comprehension, Instictive Adaptation, Mechanical Empathy, Enhanced Speed, Super-enhanced Dexterity & Reflexes


“Stress makes diamonds. In other words, stress makes things that are isolated, brittle, judged harshly for any imperfections and prone to shattering much more common than anyone thinks and also likely to spend their entire lives being ground away in an industrial environment.”

Ashley is from a large family. He has six older brothers and two younger sisters. His parents decided they weren’t going to stop until they had a girl. This led to seven boys before Ashley’s sisters were born (Twins). Ashley’s oldest brother is eight years older than him with the others spaced roughly evenly across the period.
His family ethnicity is a Scottish, Irish, English, Italian, Dutch, Polish, German, and Croatian mix. Basically, point a shotgun at a map of Europe and you’ll probably end up plotting his ancestry.
His father is an accountant who used to punish him and his brothers by explaining tax law pertaining to non trust based securities prior to Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982. His mother is a community organizer who also headed several church groups.
Vinnie (Vincent) is the eldest and is in a mayor’s aid in Jersey City. He has recently been cleared of corruption charges and at thirty years old has been divorced twice.
Hank (Henry) is the second eldest and is a highway patrol officer with the New Jersey state police.
Bo (Beaufort) is the third eldest and works for the state government managing superfund sites (Sights so polluted they get designated as priority clean-up sites by the Environmental Protection Agency)
Tony is the fourth eldest and is a park ranger in the Pine Barrens where the family used to go camping.
Chip (Christopher) is the fifth eldest and runs a t-shirt store and tanning parlor on the Jersey shore.
Mick (Michael) is the sixth eldest and works at a garage that might not be a chop shop. It’s where Ashley takes his car to be inspected.
Angelina and Jennifer and both currently in their second year at Arizona State University.

School Life
His brothers were not well behaved in class. After enduring six of them none of his teachers had any patience or sympathy for Ashley. Typically he was punished by default if he was anywhere near an incident. Understandably, his name did not make him popular. Kids would come from other schools for a chance to beat him up. Only having one fight in a day was considered lucky and he was usually punished for his involvement in them. Highschool actually made Ashley look back on this time fondly. Stealth and evasion became significantly more important

Home Life
His home life involved a lot of rough housing. Fighting actually started before he learned to walk. He shared a room with three other brothers and would often get jumped in the mornings or in the middle of the night. By the time he was in grade school it was basically Fight Club, upgrading to Thunderdome by high school.
His mother cooked a lot of boiled spinach, okra, brussel sprouts, and organ meat. Anything left on your plate was served to you cold the next morning. Anything left after that was blended into a gray paste and served like a smoothly, with normal food not being available until it was gone. He and his siblings quickly developed sleight of hand skills as a matter of survival.
Every fourth of July his brothers would wake him up with some kind of firework, some times it was glued to his body. This is how he got the scar through his eyebrow (An M80 super glued to his forehead when he was 16). Additional firework antics would continue through the day, usually not stopping until the police were called or one of the neighbors suffered a Vietnam war flashback.
Twice a year his father would take him and his brothers on a camping trip in the Pine Barrens. This would start off with the best intentions, but always devolved quickly into what could pass for the Hunger Games. Provisions were limited with the assumption that they would fish for food. This lead to everyone fighting to secure enough food and shelter to last until the end of the trip. The trip was usually a week long, but sometimes took up to an additional week to hunt down everyone by the end of it.

Work History
In grade school he started a morning paper route and ended up with the route no one wanted. It was on the border of the industrial district and included Old man Henderson, a unstable Vietnam war vet who wore Hawaiian shirts, aviator shades, and constantly accused everyone of stealing his lawn gnomes. Other residents of the route included a former K9 officer dismissed for running a dogfighting ring, a taxidermy enthusiast, a halfway house for the mentally unstable, president of the local branch of the NRA, and two seperate crazy cat ladies who would steal each other’s cats.
During high school he worked at an off-brand fast food restaurant until it was shut down for health code, labour, and immigration violations. His next job was as a busboy at an Armenian restaurant, which in all likelihood was probably a Russian mob front.
During college he worked as a Pizza Delivery boy for the infamous 17 minute or less delivery blitz. He also worked at an inner city convenience store on the night shift where he was robbed at least once a month.
During the summers he worked part time at a Tech Support company that took forwarded calls that other companies had identified as problem customers.
All these jobs paid minimum wage had him working a max of 39 hours a week so they could avoid state mandated benefits for full time workers.

Ashley Diddlesworth Poindexter

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